July 25, 2013


I read about sex in New York Magazine, I put on lipstick for the first time in a couple of weeks. I move on a track, running circles around adolescent boys playing soccer. I like the way my hair is growing, the lipstick smells like nineteen years old and running late to meet an older man. I go to the sports store to buy heavier weights because I'm stronger now, the weight rolls off of the counter at checkout and onto my foot. A mailman delivers a package from my mother containing four lollipops, an antique spoon with California's flag inlayed, and a self-help book called The Art of Possibility. I watch a woman fill her Prius with gas and the cap stays attached to the car by a piece of plastic. I wonder if I will have a car with a gas cap that I can't lose.


  1. You look utterly fantastic. Your lipstick works so well with the print of your dress/blouse.

  2. hi anna,
    i have been following your blog since the beginning of your trip. i am a creator and traveler and am somehow always longing for the unknown, so i feel a kinship with you. the last time i was able to hit the road i went through texas and new mexico, idling in marfa and big bend and white sands for as long as i could, so i really enjoyed your lovely photos and reflections on that part of the world. your comment about marfa being paradise found really affected me and i think about it very often, so thank you.
    all of that being said, my next trip will be a quick one through california. i am looking to tent camp in a few beautiful places between LA and san francisco, and in starting to do research i thought to ask you if you had any suggestions for the region? i think that you could just assume that i would want whatever you would want from a camping spot, but if i had to pick the most important thing to me in this thought process it would be trying to achieve a balance between a gorgeous location and being around the least amount of people possible.
    i hope this isn't being too imposing, i just thought a like-minded person would have the best suggestions as to where to spend time in california.
    thank you again for your beautiful posts, and good luck with the rest of your travels-

    1. Hi Jordan,
      What a nice message. It's reaffirming to know that my words/images are appreciated out there - I fluctuate between being excited about my blog and sometimes thinking the whole thing is a little self-involved. This was good for me to see and inspires me to get my butt into gear again and get back on the road. Will you be traveling with someone or solo in your tent? When will you be traveling? How quick of a visit are we talking? Do you travel by car? I've gotta know before I point you in any direction. Hope to hear from you.

    2. anna,
      i am acutely aware of the fluctuation of doubt, and all i can say is that in a world with so much content i find myself putting a lot of effort to finding genuine perspectives to color my world, and your words/images are high on my very short list of worthwhile sources. so please, continue.
      about the trip- it is an unfortunately short one that my partner and i are looking to make the best of. we have two weeks in the beginning of september with the only guiding factors being that we are flying into LA and will be flying out of San Fran two weeks later. i will be bringing a tent, and we will definitely be renting a car or (hopefully) motorcycle to get around by. so, most idyllic / authentic / quintessential spots around or between LA and San Fran is what we're looking for.
      thank you for your kind response, it's wonderful to talk to you.

    3. Jordan,
      Check out the latest post up. It's for YOU!
      One thing I didn't say: Though very romantic, don't travel by motorcycle! California is unpredictable and the best parts have tumultuous driving. Seriously scary cliffs + fog + rain + more fog + DON'T DO IT.
      Do you have a blog or tumblr?