April 9, 2013


We actually made it outside of the Bay Area. Two pats on the back; one for catapulting myself out of San Francisco's black hole, and one for not falling under Bolinas's spell. I thought about it. Have you ever driven to Yosemite?

Naturally the pictures barely do it justice. I'll spare you the 500 words on how breathtaking everything is and how free, wild, alive it makes me feel and just tell you: It's cold, I wish I had my bean boots, why is that tourist taking a picture of a squirrel, my dad was afraid of squirrels, fuck it's cold, I bet that 17 year old trying to buy cigarettes belongs to one of those bad kid outdoor rehabilitation groups, how come that 10 year old doesn't seem as cold as I am, I wish I was 10, maybe I should get one of those headlamp flashlights, that fat girl trying to take a picture is about to slip right off the cliff, oh shit there she goes oh shit, oh phew that guy with enormous calves and walking sticks caught her fall, am I about to fall off this cliff?, yosemite is an okay place to die, repeat yosemite is an okay place to die, one foot in front of the other, remember to use your ab muscles, my hip hurts I don't think I can climb much more, fuck that 10 year old is better at climbing than me, I have to keep climbing to prove myself to that 10 year old, where's the wifi? I should blog, someone left a nasty comment on my blog telling me that blogging is bullshit because it distracts me from my real job, I don't have a real job, what is a real job?, why didn't we bring our bean boots, I could really use a shower, man it really is nice looking here, the floor of the camper looks like the bottom of a swamp, would it have been overkill to bring a dustpan & broom?

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