April 6, 2013

We've been stationed at Jared's cabin for a week now. We thought we'd stay two days, people joked we'd never leave, but now it doesn't seem like such a joke. I thought we'd be traveling the wild southwest by now but really we're just an hour north of our old home, hiding under the redwoods, our jeans caked in mud, watching a lot of Twin Peaks, eating a lot of oysters.

I met Jared years ago when I was a pipsqueak paying my dues at Levi's. He had just moved up from LA where he was working as a craftsman at the beloved Mister Freedom. Today Jared still tuckers out at Levi's but finds time to play something great in White Fence. He steers clear of the city after work and heads back to his honest home in Bolinas where his Bengal kitties wait. 

If not in Bolinas I would live in: I would probably go back to LA
I grew up in: Central Pennsylvania
I can't stop listening to: Sandy Bull and Gene Vincent records
One piece I will never get rid of is: my grandfather's denim chore jacket from the Navy. 
My star sign is: Leo
My favorite film is: The Lonely Are the Brave. 1962, Kirk Douglas and Gena Rowlands!
My dream car is: '63 Jaguar XKE coop. I always wanted one, dad had one. My dad had austin healys, xke's, you know, what else...a little sunbeam, all these little sports cars, but it was the 70's so those things were just in that 10-15 year old range. They were just cheap, they weren't collectibles at that time.
My dream motorcycle is: I have it. It's the one in pieces in the garage. Zundapp KS 601 95. 

Jared in his grandfather's WWII denim chore jacket

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