May 8, 2013

We've entered eastern time, and my wanderlust has lulled. I was told that everything would appear less magnificent once we left Texas, and the neglect of my camera proves it.

The west really is just that - wild, agrarian, evocative desolation, and congestion has been building in my narrative since we've driven away from it. There's not enough nothing here. Where are the places with all of the nothing? Yes, what the fuck am I talking about? I'm just writing anything but - avoiding what I really feel like saying which is just that after all, I miss California. 

I won't sit here and torment myself with loaded doubts, give my feelings too much weight, because I know what's true: I will always miss California. I missed it before I even fucking got there. I'll survive a separation, and I'll acknowledge that it is okay to miss California


  1. hello dama & dig,
    i love this blog. ive actually been eyeballing chinooks the last few weeks- they seem like the perfect campervan to live in. whats yours like? does it have a bathroom, or do you have to find spots along your travels? did you have to fix it up a lot? any issues with your dog? i have a pup, too, and would worry about them overheating while traveling through the desert. do you feel safe in the chinook? would it be hard for someone to break in?
    these are all things im wondering while im dreaming of getting one and living the nomadic life.. maybe even converting it to veggie oil... hope to hear more of your wonderful adventures!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I'll make a post regarding all of these questions soon. Thanks for reading!