April 24, 2013


We tell people in New Mexico that we're from San Francisco and they tell us "big, big city" right back. Really our big big city is just a freckle next to the space that surrounds us. My mother questions how it's possible we're still here a week after we last spoke. It's big here, Mom. They tested the A bomb here, Mom. Wide open, yes, but I know it's being watched. I thought we didn't have to worry until Texas, but the patrol surprised us early and with little warning. So there we were, flying down the highway while I scrambled high speed to throw our sweet west coast weed out the window. Goodbye, you. We're really not in California anymore.


  1. Oh boy, I wanna get naked and run across the white sand in New Mexico. This is living! much love for what you're doing. xo

  2. your writing and these photos are unreal, I'm tearing up! thank you!