April 27, 2013


You're looking at the only reason to visit Carlsbad, New Mexico. The rest is just pickup trucks with tinted windows, microwaved hamburgers, and Halliburton. This is the part where I'm not grateful for our free overnight in the Walmart because its presence in town has obliterated any potential. I wallow in self pity in the back of the van and stuff my mouth with marshmallows when we aren't at the park, descending into the caverns.

The caves rest underneath great hills and from the top I can see the surrounding desert. The dust over the plains floats like fog, and my eyes see ocean that isn't there. My heart skips, only to sink back down immediately as my mind catches up with what's in front of me. I feel not unlike someone stranded in the desert, haunted with hallucinations of water to drink, only my visions are of a home I've left behind. 

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