April 14, 2013


There's a dog along for this ride, some of you may not know. There won't be many pictures of her but I felt she warranted a commemorative post. 

Likes: other dogs, cat food, staring into walls, hiding in bathtubs, babies, carrots, Las Vegas, Taco Bell left unattended by Nate.
Dislikes: electronics, cameras, cell phones, raccoons, campfires, camping, birds, being left alone, people having fun without her.

She is the great equalizer between Nate and I who spend 24 hours a day with each other because we live in a car. I'm not happy she's here when she's covered in mud and we've run out of towels and she climbs into our fancy fucking sub-zero sleeping bag that was a gift from my mother. But then I find myself walking two miles on Las Vegas Blvd. looking for something with a soul and I'm happy she's the buffer between me and the freaky shit. 

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