February 11, 2013

I've spent a few weeks getting things started on this blog. What I really mean is that for two weeks I've spent any alloted computer time engulfed in google webfonts.  I know now that my relationship with google webfonts is similar to my relationship with netflix: browse the library until an hour has passed, go to bed without actually choosing anything. To hell with it.

I've started telling people that I'm leaving my comfortable California life behind. 7 relocations in 6 years, I've done this before. I invite the wanderlust monster to saunter in, I pack boxes. I blame my mother for this entitlement to ramble, for the will to dally where I please while the rest of the world does what the rest of the world does. I was listening when she told me not to wear underwear after bedtime and I was listening when she told me that nothing is ever set in stone.

Even as I stand before an empty closet, it feels less like we're moving and more just like we're going. Going somewhere we can park the van away from a time frame, swim, light a fire, run the dog, remember stars. I will grieve for the home I've made here the same way that any right minded person would after living in northern California for some years. I'm just wild about it. We'll be on the road east until the road ends, slowly. I hope that you will follow along.

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