July 27, 2015


I forgot it's impossible for you to enjoy things
that have to do
With Me

Blessed & Healthy

we are All allowed to be sad
I feel that deeply

I honor my pain
I look at my pain in its cat-faced strawberry face
Hi Hello
I will keep this for myself

and when this thing bubbles to my surface
 as it occasionally does, that pain
and if somebody asks me on it
I will acknowledge it with humility

I unfold sometimes
but I say thank you when I am
  in line
at the grocery store

somebody said to me kindness is magic
 of course  

 there is abundance about you
you don't have to hide even a piece
of your cake
you don't even know
what it is to hide something

Are we all doomed
why did nobody before say It's Like This Women
they must have

Kisses have no effect on me
Soft touches of the hand
back of my neck
A gentle squeeze

Can you tell him?
In a calm, non-reactive way
Just like "I feel sad"
Just like direct, resolution based communication
Just like empathetic and judgment-free listening

Can you try some things?
What else haven't you tried

You have the luxury
of more space
freed up in your mind
space not spent thinking about
the consideration of others
all of the time
but some space is
taken up
and in this space you tell yourself
that you aren't the things that you occasionally
might fear you are
because you've been told
by more than one of us

You believe in what you come up with
and in what you decide about yourself
because you've never had to consider the alternative
to not believing
in yourself
You trust You

should I raise my hand
because somebody forgot to teach me
this one more thing
on listening to oneself 

You have the luxury
of writing your own narrative
nobody else has to be in it in order for you To

I don't want to keep mopping the floors clean
before and after you walk
to make you more
Comfortable Here

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