July 18, 2013

Today I instagram-unfollowed a very special girlfriend who is longer speaking to me, but still continues to stalk my online presence. I felt immediate shame for actively using my energy to stoop low and commit such a passive and seemingly ineffective jab. But then I considered that the digital age is in fact in effect, its consequences real. Is it really "stooping low" of me if I choose to no expose myself to this girl's beach selfies? No, it's not. It's totally fucking acceptable. A dose of digital etiquette from dama.

deep down i know that i'm still the one with most of the issues because i once had a serious affection for the guitarist in Woods which is just all wrong. today i got in a fight with an overweight woman sporting a cochlear implant at CVS. yes, i am grateful i'm not overweight, yes i am grateful i do not currently need a cochlear implant, no i am not currently able to have compassion for every headcase in waterbury, connecticut. OKAY? one at a time people, one at a time.

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