May 28, 2013


3,000 miles later and I'm held up in coastal Maine while the van gets some much needed attention. We're waiting on a part from Ken-fucking-tucky. Of course the things that we need are back in the direction we came from. But riff raff, bitch bitch, it's alright - I could stay here a while. 

Yes, I'm here to see the only mechanic I can trust east of the Mississippi, but more importantly I'm here to see my mother and Fred. To put it modestly, Fred is a master of, I'm pretty sure, everything. At 6'4", Fred cures blindness for his day job. He makes precious wooden objects, but first he makes the machines to make the precious wooden objects, and before that he makes the machines to make the machines. He is a lathe-master. Fred walks around town and everybody looks and waves and says "Hi Fred!" Fred refurbishes old motorcycles and adores butter and salami as much as I do. He is a pisces, he likes to play Scrabble on his iPad, and he loves my mother

Yesterday Fred taught me how to make a wooden spoon. I let him handle the heavy machinery while I internalized a memory of the time when my grandfather lost two of his fingers to a table saw. Nonno was able to recover one of the fingers before driving himself and it to the hospital, but his hand always looked a little nightmare before christmas after that day. 

The following is entirely about the spoon. It's not finished - I literally haven't applied any finish to it. Maybe it could use some color? In any case, I foresee more wooden objects made with my hands, and I'm certain this is only the first of many lessons from Fred. 


  1. It's such a beautiful object :)

    i love the way you described Fred and the way you write in general,i find it very inspiring!

  2. I love the triangle handle! Beautiful work, I'd love to get my hands working on something like that someday :)

  3. Dr. Salami sounds like a pretty neat dude. Lathe master! This entry made me quite proud to be born from a builder dad. Cal is no Fred, but real deal lovers of mothers are worth writing home about. Good entry. Found this place a la Miss Moss, wonderwoman. Keep going, you've got a fan in me.